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SRT Legends is a lifetime achievement program focused on closing the cybersecurity talent gap by inspiring researchers to share their talents with the most companies possible on their way to greatness.

About Legends

A researcher must achieve at-least one of these milestones to earn SRT Legend status, but they are encouraged to achieve all five. This is no easy feat, but they are awarded annually with limited-edition prizes and swag for their contributions via the Synack Recognition Program.
Synack measures a researcher's greatness on the Synack platform using the following criteria:
  • # of Unique Targets with Accepted Findings > 250
  • # of Unique Companies with Accepted Findings > 100
  • # of Accepted Vulnerabilities > 1500
  • # of Accepted Critical Vulnerabilities (CVSS 9.0+) > 250
  • $1 Million or more in lifetime earnings on the platform